Future Internet testbeds can be useful not only for experimenters but also for teaching networking classes, both in conventional environments and online courses. Access to experimental facilities like FIBRE allows students to have a hands-on experience that is impossible to provide with local resources. Additionally, the use of a large-scale testbed introduces the students to a real-world situation, instead of using software tools to simulate networks in the laboratory.

We welcome any undergraduate or graduate course to use FIBRE in computer network classes.
It is NOT mandatory to host an experimental island to use the testbed. Professors and students from any university in Brazil are entitled to sign up.

If you want to try FIBRE in your classes, please get in touch by email: info@www.fibre.org.br

See some examples of hands-on activities:

Exercise CMF Difficulty
Static routing experiment
Download in English
Download in Spanish
OCF Easy
TCP congestion control
Download in English
Download in Portuguese
OCF Medium

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