Each institution providing resources to the testbed (i.e., hosting an experimental island) has one appointed person who is responsible for authorization and administrative issues related to FIBRE within its institution. This person also has a seat in the FIBRE’s Steering Committee, which is the ultimate governance board of the FIBRE testbed.

Institution Department or Laboratory Representative (or PI) Contact
RNP DPD Iara Machado iara at rnp.br
CPqD LQS Marcelo Ribeiro Nascimento marcelon at cpqd.com.br
UNIFACS GROW Joberto Sergio Barbosa Martins joberto at unifacs.br
UFF Midiacom Luiz Claudio Schara Magalhães schara at midiacom.uff.br
UFG LABORA Kleber Vieira Cardoso kleber at inf.ufg.br
UFPA GERCOM Antônio Jorge Gomes Abelém abelem at ufpa.br
UFPE Informatics Center of UFPE José Augusto Suruagy Monteiro suruagy at cin.ufpe.br
UFRJ LAND José Ferreira Rezende rezende at land.ufrj.br
UFSCar ASGARD Cesar Augusto Cavalheiro Marcondes marcondes at dc.ufscar.br
USP LARC Tereza Cristina de Melo Brito Carvalho terezacarvalho at usp.br
UFES NERDS Moisés Renato Nunes Ribeiro moises at ele ufes br
UFRGS Network Group of UFRGS Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville granville at inf.ufrgs.br
UFBA BAMBU Project Leobino Nascimento Sampaio leobino at ufba.br
UFMG Speed Lab, DCC/UFMG Daniel Fernandes Macedo damacedo at dcc.ufmg.br
UFU MEHAR Research Group Flávio de Oliveira Silva flavio at ufu.br
PUC-RS High Performance Laboratory Tiago Ferreto tiago.ferreto at pucrs.br
INATEL Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) laboratory Antonio Marcos Alberti alberti at inatel.br
UNISINOS Research Group on Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Cristiano Bonato Both cbboth at unisinos.br