We welcome any institution to be part of FIBRE testbed.

If your institution is willing to join the FIBRE testbed by deploying an “experimental island” and providing computing resources, you are kindly requested to follow the steps below.

It is NOT mandatory to host an experimental island to use the testbed. If you just want to use testbed resources, please Sign up.

Procedure Overview

  1. Check the minimum hardware requirements (see below in this page).
  2. Download the Term of Agreement to understand the framework of collaboration between your institution and FIBRE testbed.
  3. Contact the FIBRE office at info@fibre.org.br to schedule a call to clarify all your questions concerning the duties, responsibilities and advantages of joining the FIBRE testbed.
  4. If your institution understand and agree on the commitment stated in the Term, please submit the application by editing the document and sending it to info@fibre.org.br.
  5. Application Approval: FIBRE’s technical team will have to evaluate the feasibility of the new island to get connected to FIBREnet and provide a connectivity study. After that, the FIBRE Steering Committee will decide based on the application information and the FIBREnet’s connectivity study. The approval process may take a couple of months, because it depends on the Steering Committee to meet and deliberate.
  6. By mutual agreement of both parties, the Term of Agreement will be prepared and signed.
  7. Island deployment: the FIBRE NOC will provide instructions and support to help your institution to deploy an experimental island.
  8. New institutions joining the testbed will have a seat in the FIBRE Steering Committee (see the Governance Model).

Minimum hardware requirements

  • 1 switch “Top of Rack” 24 ports (desirable support for OpenFlow 1.0)
  • 2 pure OpenFlow switches (or NetFPGA servers or white-box appliances)
  • 1 or multiple servers to host the following services and software.
    • Xen 4.1.4
    • LDAP 2.4.31
    • FlowVisor 0.8.17-3
    • OMF 6
    • Zabbix-Proxy 3.0-1
    • Apache server and OMFaggregate 5.4
    • Openvpn 2.2.1 (in case physical connection to FIBREnet is not available)

Spec details can be consulted in the software page.

Check FIBRE Wiki for installation instructions