The FIBRE facility does have its own Wide Area Network (WAN) interconnecting the resources available in each experimentation node (or “island”).

Each “island” have a set of network devices to support experiments in both fixed and wireless technologies. The network resources are connected to an overlay network on the RNP backbone (Ipê network), comprised of two network separate layers: a control plane and an experimentation plane. This network is named “FIBREnet”.

The control plane in FIBREnet allows control communications through a main central node, where the FIBRE NOC is located. Thus, the experimenter can manage and monitor control information among FIBRE islands. In other words, this channel allows communication between control frameworks of all islands and also to allow experimenters to access monitoring informations. For this, an overlay network was built on RNP’s backbone.

The experimentation plane allows the data communication between network resources used by an experimenter in the FIBRE facility.

FIBREnet topology