After analyzing the results of the prospecting projects and matching them to a list of technical requirements, FIBRE’s technical Committee decided unanimously for OMF6 as the new Control Framework to be adopted by FIBRE.

The cOntrol and Management Framework (OMF) is a suite of software components, which provides management, control, and measurement tools & services to users and operators of networking testbeds. OMF was originally developed for the ORBIT wireless testbed, but its latest version can be used to control either wireless or OpenFlow resources.

By selecting OMF6 as FIBER´s CMF we target its long term evolution and, beyond that, OMF6 brings important capabilities for the testbed such as:

  • Repeatability of experiments;
  • Automation of experiments;
  • Extensibility: possibility to integrate new capabilities in the testbed;
  • Ability to interoperate or federate with other testbeds (i.e. SFA-compliant); and
  • One single control framework for managing either wireless or OpenFlow resources, reducing therefore the software maintenance costs.

FIBRE will continue supporting both control frameworks OCF and OMF5.4 until the full OMF6 software migration, expected by early 2017.